Khanqah Dogran

Khanqah Dogran is a city in Safdarabad TehsilSheikhupura District, in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

In 2005, Nankana Sahib District was split off from Sheikhupura District. Khanqah Dogran was one of the towns included in the new district. Residents protested for five days in opposition to the change, during which time some of the protesters burnt down a police station.[1] In December 2008, Khanqah Dogran was added back into Sheikhupura District as part of Safdarabad Tehsil. Every Year in 1at date of Sawan month ( Desi month ) a festival held on called as Hazrat Baba Haji Diwan Sahib Mela. (Articale will complete soon)

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